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First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

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This survival kit consists of everything that you need to clean and dress minor wounds in a convenient mini pouch, first aid bag. Which is your best choice for road trips.

Package include:

  1. 1 x first aid bag: for storing all kinds of first aid supplies, easy to carry

  2. 1 x scissors: cutting clothing or gauze for the wound

  3. 1 x tweezers: used to peel or pinch obstructions such as sticky particles on the wound

  4. 1 x triangle bandage: used to dress and can be used as a sling, supporting the injured arm or shoulder

  5. 1 bag x cotton bud: for wound disinfection and cleaning

  6. 1 roll x surgical tape

  7. 1 roll x bandage

  8. 2 x sterile gauze swab: for dressing the wound

  9. 10 x alcohol pad: for disinfection and cleaning of the skin around the wound

  10. 10 x sterile adhesive bandage

  11. 4 x Iodine pad

  12. 10 x safety pin: fixing bandage

  13. 1 x latex tourniquet: for hemostasis of larger wound