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Universal Adapter
Universal Adapter
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Universal Adapter

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The Rokform Universal Adapter is the perfect mounting solution for any phone, camera or tablet. It can easily be attached to any case or device with its 3m sticky side. Once you’ve attached the Universal Adapter, you can keep your device where you need it most, and mount to any metal surface or our specialty accessories.


Since 2011, Rokform has been the pioneers of Safe Magnetic Mounting for iPhone. The Universal Adapter features a Roksafe magnet, which you can use to mount your device to any metal surface or one of our magnet mounts. It is guaranteed safe, and will not affect your GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, Credit Cards, Apple pay, Data Transfer or Camera.

You'll need Rokform universal adapter or Rokform phone case in order to work with Rokform mount

  • Mount almost any phone using Rokform technology, with or without a case
  • 3M VHB easily adheres to almost any surface
  • Keep your phone thin
  • Rare Earth Magnet allows for easy mounting


  • Clean your device/case with the wipe provided
  • Peel off the 3M VHB
  • Stick to the desired spot and enjoy hands-free anywhere